Offbeat is a ethical company providing products for the free spirited bohemian.

Offbeat staff work from the comfort of there own home. We chose to give work to single mothers and we work closely with a women’s refuge. We love to take care of our workers, which we believe transcends to our beautiful bohemian bags giving them the love and care that they need from start to finish.

Offbeat prides itself in being a fair trade company.

With our one-off edition designs and growing customizing services, our consumers can shop with confidence in creating their own unique style beyond convention. To ‘Be OffBeat’ is a personal statement; it is a freedom of choice and expression. Our aim is to provide comfy high-quality products that promote confidence and individuality. We work with Hill Tribe women in Thailand and also a local women’s refuge providing work for those in need. Our bag production is eco-friendly, we provide safe working conditions with above minimum  wage salary.