Oh the colors! Our wanderlust artist hand sews these one of a kind coin purses with all the beautiful textiles and colors and fabrics she can get her hands on while traveling. No two will be alike and that’s exactly how we like it! Only one of each design available.

Small coin purse handmade comes with a hand-braided hemp handle with wooden beads on the side. Ideal for cards, notes, coins, keys, and small essentials.

About the Artist

Founded in 2010, Girl With A Radio Mind is mostly me and sometimes my partner-in-crime. We love to make some good craft, watch a good film, listen to a good story, drum a good tune and travel the good earth. Girl With A Radio Mind is a solo handmade space created simply to feed my obsession for creating and playing with colours.

On cool afternoons, we’ll brew some good coffee, I’ll sew, he’ll weave and we’ll talk randomness while we create until we run out of sunlight.We are pretty simple human beings, really. We like making crafts whenever an idea struck, whenever it feels right, whenever our hands itch to create more. and more. and more. and more. and more. and more.

Based in Singapore, Girl With A Radio Mind celebrates color and joy with unique, happy handmade items. Bohemian Indie Purses, Reversible Bags, Gypsy Accessories & Nomadic Travel Mini Notebooks, I handmade everything with a free spirit.